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How much PC storage do I requirement for PC or laptop ? - aaotrend

How much laptop storage One of the most important decisions is to take when buying laptop. two general questions could be in front of you......

Best  New Movie download site 2020

Best New Movie download site 2020

Best movies download sites 2020 , hindi english and any other languages available on this site 

Open chrome and search 


When you search google send you on this sites  now you can download any movie like viking , Mirzapur All sessions and many Webseries , you can also download 18+ movies adult movie , romantic movie , many movie 

Download your movie and enjoy ,  if you think my blog help you something you find please share my blog to my friend...
How to change gmail password  2020 - Aaotrend

How to change gmail password 2020 - Aaotrend

If you want to change Your Gmail account password or forgot You can do easily these things, you need to follow these step .

For mobile :-

First open gamil app in mobile

Open Gmail and go to your profile link , and tap on ' Manage your Google account
when you tap on manage your account , your account opened , go to again personal info and tap on password
Now you got new page , here you can see "enter your password " and down forgot password .

Now you can change your gamil password easily without any problem . Thanks for visit our site . 🙏

Top 10 games similar to pubg Mobile or pc - aaotrend

Top 10 games similar to pubg Mobile or pc - aaotrend

 games similar to pubg 

After the pubg, a lot of battle games have come, some are better than pubg, some are less than pubg, but not a game that affects pubg, today's world's most popular games, some good and popular games are given below

Top 10 games like pubg :-

  • Call of duty
  • COC ( clash of Clans)
  • Garena  free fire🔥
  • Rules of survival 
  • Fortnite
  • GTA 5 ( computer)
  • Pub G Lite 
  • Pub G (player unknown battle ground)
  • Zombies Royal
  • Hopeless land 

  •  Call of duty (Mobile and Computer)

Call of duty (4.4) - This is superb example of excellent mobile gaming . They regularly updated this game, and balance the weapons to keep things interesting ,the controls  are very comfortable and lag free 🔥  you can try this battle game , it is better option . You can download this game on playsote free 🔥

Reviews by our team

  • COC ( clash of Clans)

Clash of clan( 4.5)-  coc is a bettle game, and you can play  this game on low Mobile specification this game is  actually  how you prented leader in a village , how you get failed or lose  and then you get up and strike until become you become a good leader  this game free and you can download on playstore .

Reviews by our team

  • Garena free fire🔥

   Garena Free fire 🔥 (4.0) - the game is really good to play but graphics not up to mark   like pub g but this game is soomth and control setup very easy ,you can download this game on playstoe free game 

Reviews by our team

  • Rules of survival 

Rule of survival (3.9 )- this game is good because best graphics in here , You can feel reality when you play this bettle game you can download this free game on playstoe.

Reviews by users

  • Fortnite

Fortnite is computer bettle game , you can download via browser not available on mobile ( best Graphics and game)

  • GTA 5 ( computer)

World most popular game, better than pub g but you can't play this game on mobile , not too good to play on mobile , if you want to play this game You  need best specification laptop or pc.

  • Pub G Lite (mobile)

 Pub g lite (4.1) available on playstoe , you can download free this game , Tencent team give you this game it is totally similar to pub g  , battle game with 100 players , you can play low specification mobile .

  • Pub G (player unknown battle ground)

Player unknown bettel grounds (4.1) - world most popular game no one can beat him , free and without lag , available on pc and mobile  , I have no word to describe Play and enjoy

  • Zombies Royal

Zombie royal not like pub g but good for play low specification mobile , good for time pass you can download on playstoe and enjoy ।

  • Hopeless land(3.8)

Hopeless land ( fight for survival) :- this game is bettelground game you can enjoy this game but not up to mark , but if you want go playstoe search and download thanks 


  • Which game is just like PUBG?

Call of duty , Coc , Garena free fire , Rule of survival , Gta 5 , Hopeless Land

  • Which is the best offline game like PUBG?

Swag shooter ,Blood Rivals, Scarfall etc.

  • Which is the best battleground game in the world?

Player unknown bettel grounds , Call of duty , Garena free fire , Rule of survival

  • Is free fire similar to PUBG?

Some topic like 100 players in one ground , but graphics don't like pub g ,